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How to use the Plugin SDK properly?

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Yes, the problem is:

(dllHash.cpp)Line 124: Here do you call the "FileSHAEncrypt function"...

else if (i_Hash == 2) {s_Hash = FileSHAEncrypt(s_FileName);}

And check for errors here:

(JSsha.cpp) Line 97-98:

fIn = fopen(sFilename, "rb");

if(fIn == NULL) return false;

I'm not sure if your check against the NULL pointer works, if it does then you don't have any further check that takes care of the error anyway.. that's the reason for the crash.

I use to check if a file was found/opened successfully like this:

if (!file) return false;

...And you don't need to set: fIn = NULL; at line 127.

I have updated everything. It will error out if no file is input. As well as I added several other error checks.

I set fIn = NULL; on line 127 just to be safe. I didnt write the entire code myself. I have just come along and modified an Open Source SHA-1 class.

Check the link in my signature.


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ComputerGetInfo UDF's Updated! 11-23-2006

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