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DLLCall Trouble

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Hey Guys,

I was hoping someone might be able point me in the right direction on how to use DLLCall properly.

Basically at work we are rolling out a new SOE and they want a script that will set 3 particualr values in the 'Performance Options' section from the System Properities > Advanced tab.

These settings are all under the Custom section:

- Smooth Edges of screen fonts

- Use drop shadows for icons labels on the desktop

- Use visual styles on Windows and buttons

The rest of them won't be selected.

I figured i would be able to use a DLLCall of somekind to the User32.dll but this is the first time ive used DllCall and it's over my head.


The page above seems to have reference to certain values that seem to be what im after (SPI_GETDROPSHADOW/SPI_SETDROPSHADOW, SPI_GETFONTSMOOTHING/SPI_SETFONTSMOOTHING) but the trouble im having is i have no idea how to retrieve or return these values so i can check wether they are turned on and if not how to enable them.

If anyone could point me in the right direction or knows of a better way to set these settings i would much appreciate it.

Thanks Heaps!!

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