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Newbie GUI Question

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I'm a autoit newbie and I have just build my first

GUI. Now I've got a short question.

There are 3 Input fields and 2 Buttons (OK and Cancel)

in my GUI. At the startup the focus is set to the first

input field. Up to now, everythig's all right.

Now I want that the Return key has the same

function as a click on the OK Button. At the moment

nothing happens when pressing return if the focus

is on an input field.

Many thanks for your answers!!!

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Perhaps you want to set a default button by using the button style $BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON.

Creates a push button with a heavy black border. If the button is in a dialog box, the user can select the button by pressing the ENTER key, even when the button does not have the input focus. This style is useful for enabling the user to quickly select the most likely option, or default.


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