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Rasdial bug in script

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Hi all,

first sorry for my bad english.

I use the windows RasDial.exe to make a connection to internet,and to disconnect the connection.

My problem is,after many times it has worked,it does'nt disconnect anymore :)

It is a bug of AutoIt? Or simply a windows bug? I've windows xp (but not updated).

Here is a piece of my script(too long to post)

Run("rasdial /disconnect")
                    $name1 = "name of the connection"
                    $id1 = "internet id"
                    $pass1 = "password of your connection"
                    $comp = "rasdial "  & '"' & $name1 & '" "' & $id1 & '" "' & $pass1 & '"'

Filling your data(password etc..) you can try it(to put in a loop),it will of course work,but after several times it bugs,at least on my pc.Especially the rasdial /disconnect which cannot disconnect.

If someone could tell me my error,thank you much :whistle: .

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When you need help just start with the "support forum"

I don't think the behavior is related with AutoIt try to add opt("TrayIconDebug",1) to see where your script is waiting.

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