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Guest vitamanc

Flash Projector (.exe) opens .PDF files? HELP!

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Guest vitamanc

Hi All,

I'm totally new to the game -- just downloaded AutoIt v3.

I'm publishing a projector Flash.exe and "heard" I can

use this app to easily open .pdf, word docs, etc, etc.

I know Flash has it's own FS Commands for such things, but heard

this is a smoother bet.

ANY suggestions, samples, or ideas on are much appreciated.

Be gentle & speak slowly -- I'm more designer than coder!

Thanx so much

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I may not have fully understood what you need, but I have designed an example script that puts a new text file (called "Text File.txt") in the script's directory, and then uses notepad to open it. With AutoIt, you can open any file as long a you run it through the binary executable file that is responsible for handeling it. In the case of my text file, I used notepad.exe. However, you can use any application you want, such as Word.exe for a word file, etc. Keep in mind that you usually have to define a full path to files. I got away with avoiding that for notepad.exe since it's in the %PATH%.

$file = FileOpen(@ScriptDir & "\Text File.txt", 2);open this file for write
If $file = -1 Then;make sure the file is valid
;if it's not, let the user know and exit
  MsgBox(0, "Error", "Unable to open file for write.  Script halted")
FileWriteLine($file, "This is a sample text file");write two lines to the file:
FileWriteLine($file, "Here is another line of the sample file")
;now display the file using "notepad.exe" and giving the file as a paramater
Run("notepad.exe " & '"' & @ScriptDir & '\Text File.txt"')

Fixed a minor typo

Edited by pekster

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