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Virtual memory questions

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Here's my script (from the helpfile).

$mem = MemGetStats()

$pagefile = $mem[3] / 1024 / 1024
$virtual =  $mem[5] / 1024 / 1024
MsgBox(0, "Total physical RAM (KB):", $mem[1])
MsgBox(0, "Total PageFile:", $pagefile & " GB")
MsgBox(0, "Total Virtual", $virtual & " GB")

I have a question: AI told me that my pagefile is 5GB and my virtual memory is 2GB. When I set it up in the Windows properties, I set it to 4096MB-4096MB.

From everything I know or have read online, the virtual memory IS pagefile.sys in the root directory. so shouldnt the pagefile and the virual memory be exactly the same? :P

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