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Hi I have no idea if this has been asked here or not, but I am looking for someone who can give me a script to make a trading bot that has card and their prices , the bot must be able to act like a real person and must be able to tell individual cards apart from one another. Thanks

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Note: We are not your scripting slaves. Please do not ask this forum to write your game cheats for you. If you really want to cheat, do it yourself.

If you want a script follow these steps

1. Read the helpfile.

2. Read the helpfile.

3. Start Small then move up to this script, because the way I picture it, it will require alot of logic.

4. Ask for help on specific problems. (include your code)

5. We will be glad to help.

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[quote name='DaleHohm']You have a strange habit of posting error messages that don't match your code.[/quote][quote name='SmOke_N']Forget the learning... straight to the scripting :lol: (laugh.gif)[/quote]

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