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Help on ADODB syntax in AutoIt v3


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Hi there once more,

I am a newbie.

Unfortunately, I put up a previous post(my first one yesterday) ,

some people looked at it but nobody responded.

Simply my question was where one can find a tutorial on

using ADODB in AutoIt v3(The syntax for using ADO in AutoIt v3).

I have searched this whole site and I have seen a few code

examples, but where did people initially find this knowledge.

It must have come from somewhere.

I just want to know where it is, if it exists.



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If no one answers, theres no need to create a second post on the same topic. If you dont get a reply for a couple days, just "bump" the post. This means just create a reply in that post saying whatever you want. If people still don't answer then chances are no one here knows.

Anyways, I know nothing about ADO, sorry :P

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