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Using window handles and looking for child windows


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Greetings. I'm trying to use AutoItX from Perl, but I've run in some problems. First, for some reason I can't figure how to use handles. I think I'm doing everything according to manual, but yet this piece of code doesn't work:

use Win32::OLE;

 die "Could not start AutoItX3 Control through OLE.\n";

unless($whandle=$autoit->WinGetHandle('something')) { die "Couldn't find window"; }
print "WHANDLE: $whandle\n";
print "EXISTS: ", $autoit->WinExists("handle=$whandle"), "\n";

Line with print WHANDLE correctly prints found handle for window, but line with print EXISTS prints 0 as result of WinExists, for same handle. Do I miss something there? Actually OLE returns me error 0x80020003: "Member not found" every time I try to use WinTitleMatchMode, so I understand I simply can't get into mode 4 and that why handle= construction doesn't work, but I don't understand why I get this error.

Also is there a way to limit window search routines to childs of some previously found window? I couldn't find anything like this in documentation.

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There does not seem to be much help on this topic. I have the same topic and definitely need to use window handles. I believe the help file tells the proble. It says the windos handle is its' own datatype that is not a string. The problem I see is that the activex interface inputs and outputs a string. I think we need to know how to type cast the string to a hwnd type. I am not sure if the interface is also polymorphic. If not I do not see how it can be done.

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