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Line wont write to file

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Hey guys,

i have a script for getting user passwords from a text doc. and i am working on an "admin" interface for it.

the script is attatched at the bottom.

add the following into a text document called "users.txt" and have it in the same file as the script.



345678JANE DOE




that will show what the program looks like when it runs.

Press the Esc key to activate the admin mode... i decided against the button, but havent removed it yet.

anyways, when i fill in the form, it should write the data in the same format as above, the last modified time on the text document changes, but the data does not get written...

any ideas? the _FileWriteToLine is called in the _NewUser function at the bottom of the script file.


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hmm, thats what i first used... but it didnt write to a new line...

i just worked out, if i leave a blank line at the bottom of the file, then the FileWriteLine function will add the text to the bottom of the file and then leave another blank line..

thanks randall.

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