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only 1 more needs for little problem

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only one more thing dont work whit my spam bot I hope you will able to find what is it.

now my bot enter in a game ... spam in game ... quit game properly and the loop begin.. restart to enter in game.. Perfect and tank you all

the only problem stay is If I am not in a game but in the lobby the bot dont do any difference .. dont try to rejoin other game. he just execute the script as he have found the pixel search in the lobby

???? I dont understand noting in that. the loby is gray and the grass is green. his not suppose to make a diference ?

How can I am sure if the bot is stay in loby to do not spam but retry to join other game

that's the script... let me know if someone found someting rong. and verry tank you to PsaltyDS for have been very helpfull whit me

[autoit]Global $Paused = 0

HotKeySet("{END}", "TogglePause")

HotKeySet("{HOME}", "Terminate")

While 1



Func TogglePause()

$Paused = NOT $Paused

While $Paused


Mouseclick("left", 719,462)


Mouseclick("left", 479,309)


Mouseclick("left", 479,309)


$Decimal = 2170913

$Search = Pixelsearch(136, 190, 608, 413, $Decimal)

If IsArray($Search) then

Mouseclick("left", $Search[0], $Search[1],0)

Send("{ENTER}Hi, I am xm51 {ENTER}")




Mouseclick("left", 412,258)

$Paused = 1




Func Terminate()



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Spamming is bad!!

Spamming in a game is even worse!!

Stop spamming!

[quote name='Valik' post='301213' date='Jan 31 2007, 10:36 PM']You seem to have a habit of putting things in the wrong place. I feel sorry for any female you attempt to have sex with.[/quote][font="Lucida Sans Unicode"][/font]

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