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How can we send a part of data of a text file to other text file

Guest sydullasyed

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Guest sydullasyed


a txt File contais the following information.....


Shared resources at \\sydsye


Share name Type Used as Comment


sc Disk

testshare Disk testshare

The command completed successfully.


i need only the share names (so that i can check the existance of share names)

if we move only the share names to other txt file i think it's easy to check.

is there any way how to send only the share names ?

or else can we check here itself (i.e. with in this file only)

Please assist me


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Maybe loop FileReadLine, to all the lines, and check StringInStr for "Share name Type" and if it occurs then return the line to a variable (array?)?

Oh then FileWriteLine to save all returned lines

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