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Program a script for $$

Guest mikenicee

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Guest mikenicee

I am new to this and have been trying to program it myself, but my patience is running low.

I need a script/program that will do the following:

There will be a hot folder:

Two files will be placed in the hot folder (or two separate folders, if thats easier)

One file is a .txt file, the other is a jpg

The text file will have two bits of information: A script# (1-100) and a filename

The filename in the txt file will need to be loaded into photoshop, then an .atn (action file in photoshop) is performed based on the script#. The atn file does not need to be created. I have that part down.

For those who are not familair with the .atn file, its a photoshop script essentially. It can be launched by clicking on it, or a function key is assigned.

The script will be performed and then the file will need to save two versions. A full size version, and then it must resample it down and make a low resolution version.

The two versions will have the same filename as the original except a date stamp at the end of the filename. The full resolution version will have a .tif extension and the low res .jpg extension

The two new files will be saved in a separate folders for use elsewhere. TIF FOLDER and JPG FOLDER

Any ideas? Look forward to hear from someone with the programming chops.



If this board is not used for this type of inquery, I am sorry, I could think of a better place than this forum.

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Could post what you already have?

Parsing the text file for a script# and filename is easy.

I don't have photoshop, but launching the .atn file sounds pretty simple.

*Saving the resulting files depends on the photoshop interface....

Setting the filename with a date time stamp is pretty easy, too.

*Does photoshop have command-line parameters that handle this, or do button-clicks have to be automated?

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