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Tooltip handles (sharing error)

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NEVERMIND I guess this is all caused by the way I set up my loop with the button to turn on the magnifier, Ill just try to find an alternate method this is beyond me

Right, I dont really know about tooltips but I was looking at the magnifier program in Scripts and Scraps... The version that follows your mouse, it uses a tooltip window (because its always on top?)... Anyways, I dont really know how to make it on a normal window as it uses DLL's. But the handle it uses to move it "classname=tooltips_class32"... causes errors.

Its like this, Im using my map I made and I have the magnifier so that I can see it more detailed iwthout working in an entire zoom thing for the picture. But, if I hover over msn and make it say "Jordan - Conversation" or something, it tries to use that tooltip. After that it wont work, the zoom doesnt even appear until I restart the program.

Any ideas why this happens and how to fix it? I'd supply the script but its pretty big and unorganized, not a comment to be found... hehe

Oh yea, and one of the most anoying things I've ever seen... Its trying to use the tooltip, and it hides/shows repeatedly because its not working properly. It freezes my script, yet i can tab to it and its all flashing... Its wierd, but the tooltips leave a permanent shadow until I logoff of windows (or find a different way to make them go away)

Also... it makes my computer go slow... wow it just took 5 seconds to open paint, usually its instant... my computers pretty good

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