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Ending a variable

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How would I end a variable? I am trying to use this with another while command, and it seems to be stuck in the $variable loop and I can't get the other While to function properly. I have tried the $variable = $variable + 1 command to get it out of the loop, but still run properly. And it doesn't work becuase it never gets to the other while loop, any ideas?

Like if I had:

$variable = 2

While $variable > 1
;other code here


How would I get out of that variable loop?


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If I'm understanding you correctly, and assuming you mean $var = $var -1 instead of $var = $var + 1 (the While condition you specified becomes untrue (concludes) when $var becomes less than 2), then it sounds like what you are lacking is an ExitLoop statement to break out of your inner While loop when a condition is met, probably at the same time that you adjust the value of $var:

Dim $var = 2
While $var > 1
 ; do stuff
  While $runningSmooth = 1
   ; do stuff
    If $worldsCollide Then
      $var = $var -1
  ; process jumps to here after ExitLoop

Be sure you've considered For / Next loops any time you use While looping; with the Step keyword you can count your For value up or down in fractional or whole numbers on each loop.

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