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Arthur L

Printer script help

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Hi guys this is my first post here.

I need help on a script. What this actually does is to set some printers in our company to print at default monochrome.

What I did is to manually set the printing preferences of the printer to print at default monochrome then I capture the settings and dump it into a .dat file.

The script is shown below:

Runwait (@systemdir & '\rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /Sr /n "printername" /a "\\server\share$\printername.dat"')

This script works fine when executed directly in my PC.

Now, in our company, we use Altiris deployment console to take care of deploying the script into 1000 computers. When I deploy the script, it executes, but instead of modifying the printer settings for the users, it only modifies the "administrator" account printer settings.

Now, is there a way for this script to run in the currently logged on user environment? It is worth noting that they only have user priviledges.

Another way I see it is to run this script so that it modifies the Default User profile in windows.

Anyone has suggestions?


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Initialise a set of user credentials to use during Run and RunWait operations. 2000/XP or later ONLY.

You can use it to restart the script as a specific user.

Anyway. Welcome to the forum. :P

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