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NOTE: This is a GUI version. If you don't have the latest unstable version of AutoIt, the script won't work.

Unless you use the executable (it's in the zip).

I created a full featured TVGuide.


- View the listings for each channel.

Each channel has it's own radio button

- View the movies that'll be aired the current day, "tomorrow", "the next day"

- View what's on TV at the moment

- Search for a program

- View what's on TV on a specific time

- Click on a button to see more info about the program or movie.

- Be notified 5 mins before the program or movie starts (you need the latest version of AlarmClock)

- Schedule a specific program so you'll be notified daily or weekly (whatever you want).

For your information: I made this for Dutch viewers.

That's not fair. What I need, is an RSS feed of the television shows/programs/movies of your country.

If you can't find an RSS feed, a commercial website with the TV listings will work too.

You help me, I help you.

A current screenshot is available in the zip file.

Any suggestions/ideas are welcome.

The zip contains:

datenew.au3 - a file that contains a collection of many date UDFs, made and collected by JdeB

screenshot.png - a screenshot

tvguide.au3 - the script itself

tvguide.ini - information which the script needs

tvguide.exe - a compiled version which doesn't need the AutoIt3 exe or datenew.au3

Download below:


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Australian TV Guide :)



Your tvguide is different than ours.

Here in Holland we have ~35 channels. The cable providers decide which channels they include in their package.

Our online tvguides show the listings for every channel (35).

I parse only the Dutch ones and the known channels.

I just checked your tvguide and I have to choose a region/state! Why?!

That's the weirdest thing.

I can only parse websites that have all the info on one page or each channel it's own page, without choosing something first.

I'll help you search for another tvguide website.


I've searched and I found multiple sites where I have to choose a region and provider.

So if you tell me which region and which provider you want the listing from, I'll add it my application.

No, I will not add all providers + regions. Because 30 regions * 4 providers = 120 combinations.

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