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Sending text to a minimized window

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I have a program that I wish to control while it remains minimized. The program is Tera Term, a terminal program for serial ports. I wish to send commands to it by means of Send or ControlSend or a similar trick. I want to do it while the tool is minimize to avoid interfering with the GUI of my program.

The problem is that when I look at this window with Au3 window info, there are no recognized controls. However, I can do:

;ControlSend("Tera Term","","","test")

This sends the text "test" into the Tera Term window. I guess that the window receives the text and passes it along to the right control.

But, this only works if the window is not minimized. Is there some other way to send text to the window without it being restored? I've searched the forums but I didn't find a satisfactory solution...



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Instead of minimizing it, why not move it off screen?

Winmove("Tera Term","",@desktopwidth,0) ; just off screen to the right

WinActivate("Tera Term")


Winmove("Tera Term","",0,0); move it back on screen to see if it worked

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