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Passing flags to a command in RunWait

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I can't get the flags to pass properly. My python script has run for a year or so, so I know it's fine. I did some stuff with autoit that just isn't possible with what i know of python (run an app and pass some mouse clicks to it).

I checked my variables and they get set OK, and myscript.py starts, but doesn't run. So I think that it's failing on the two variables that I'm passing.

In python I'm using:

myString = sys.argv[1]

mySecondString = sys.argv[2]

to grab the two flags. Nope, no error checking :). It's just me who runs the scripts and I'm too lazy to error check. :lol:

Any help is greatly appreciated.

$share = "Z"
$finaldir = '2004.01.31'

;RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c " & '"C:\Program Files\Path to stuff\myscript.py"' & " " & $share & " " & $finaldir, "", @SW_HIDE)
; run python command and pass two flags to the program



Did I say something about I know the python script is fine? There's a little issue of adding the good old + sign when you send a variable and then some quoted text. And I forgot the +. :huh2:

doc = word.Documents.Open(myString + ':\\DocPath\\Here\\mydoc.doc')

works much better than

doc = word.Documents.Open(myString, ':\\DocPath\\Here\\mydoc.doc').

Sorry for the clutter... I should have tried harder to find it before posting.

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