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creating a game launcher

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can anyone help me?

i'm trying to create a launcher for a game with various options but i cant get very far.

i tried 3 days witouth any succes :)

i was wonderign if someone could make it for me :">

when someone does he will get credit and is allowed to add some custom stuff to it :P

here is the text of what it should contain

if someone is willing to create whats in the text thats ok, i will (try) to edit it myself (you will still receive full credits :nuke: )

note that i wrote this text for me (as some sort of design document) so it kinda sounds demanding but it isent

file menu

-----quit/exit: exits the program

help menu

-----help: opens up help.txt in a text editor

-----about: opens up a dialog box with text and a close button


---------[linknameshere]: various related links

map selector -> passes +map [mapname] to the command line of mm.exe

map selector: combo box

the map selector should get its files from a ini file (eg: mapslist.ini)

maps are loacted in ./mm/maps


enable custom.cfg: adds +exec custom.cfg to the command line (passes +exec custom.cfg to the command line)

enable cheats: should be on by default (passes +sv_cheats 1/0 to the command line)

connect to mana's test server: should make the map selector obsolete(grayed out).

When launch button is pressed it presents you with a dialog box eplaining various stuff, after the user presses yes the game launches with a minimum of "mm.exe" +netgraph 3 +connect +exec autoexec.cfg


Online name: will pas +setname [inputted] to the command line (only used when connect to mana's... checkbox is checked)


launch: launches mm.exe with the command lines specified in the launcher (minimum: "mm.exe" +autoexec.cfg

edit custom.cfg: opens the file ./mm/cfg/custom.cfg in a text editor

internet links:

OblivionClan Website: launches http://clanoblivion.com in a browser

OblivionClan Forum : Launches http://clanoblivion.com in a browser

Suggestions: opens emaileditor and for sending to maesenandy@gmail.com

[anyotherlinkshere]: for the person who helps me

caption of GUI: DRMiniMOD Launcher V1 - Current MOD version: 1.4

icon: the one from mm.exe (is located in the same directory as the launcher app)

i thank you in advance

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cant anyone help me pls?

Don't expect that somebody will write it for you.

My suggestion:

Start reading AutoIt HelpFile and play with Koda Form designer (latest beta).

When you will have some base code then go back here and ask specific questions ...

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ok :P

but the koda form designer gives me an exception error when i try to change a buttons name :s

EDIT: Never mind about that exception, i redownloaded it and it doesent happen again :nuke:

im designing it right now ^^

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