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Is there any way to expose the TOOLINFO struct that is used by tooltips? Need to be able to expose it in order to be able to change the default delay and other information.

DllCall("user32.dll", "int", "SendMessage", "hwnd", GUICtrlGetHandle($listview), "uint", (1024 + 53), "int", 0, "int", DllStructGetPtr($LPTOOLINFO))
doesn't expose any information that I didn't feed into it.
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that link is nearly 2 years old. I was talking about tooltips created/set by the GuiCtrlSetTip() function. Since I made this post, I figured it out in relation to listviews. In the process, I tryed creating my own tooltip (a job in itself) and that didn't work.

If you are bored and want to try something tedious, grab Dev-C++, open commctrl.h and find all the constants and structures used by a specific control (I.E. ListView), then convert them into autoit syntax. :-P I did that for the listview. Only took me 48+ hours.

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