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MemGetStats.. for certain programs?

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It would be very useful if I could use MemGetStats() for certain programs.

For example, let's say program.exe normally uses 50MB of memory. But sometimes, it encounters an error, and starts accumulating more and more memory. The big jumps are from 100MB to 150MB, 150MB to 250MB, 250MB to 400MB, 400MB to 650MB, and then it tops off at around 700-800MB.

This is fairly easy to monitor with MemGetStats(), as the percentage goes from around 30%, to 40%, to 49%~. But the problem arises when other high-memory use programs are running. That 40% can suddenly become 60%, and it doesn't have anything to do with program.exe.

Maybe there's some sort of MemGetStats(program.exe) ? :P

Just a clarification: I don't have access to the source for this program, so I can't fix the memory leak. Only manage it.

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