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accessing system tray icons


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i am actually very much interested in learning this autoit eventhough i had installed it recently.....

actually here is my problem....

i want to open one of my program which is minimized to system tray by writing a code for it in autoIT , i thought that i can acheive it by sending a set of keyboard inputs through "Send" command

i found that the following combination leads to highlight system tray icons

windows+d+{tab 4}

windows+d is to show desktop and {tab 4} is to highlight one of the system tray icons.......

but this combination is not working.....

so can anyone plzz suggest me how can i acheive this.....

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You should get more support if you post this in Support Forum :P

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Scripts : _Encrypt UDF_UniquePCCode UDF MS like calculatorInstall programm *UPDATED* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[quote name='Helge' post='213117' date='Jul 26 2006, 10:22 AM']Have you ever tried surfing the internet with a milk-carton ?This is similar to what you're trying to do.[/quote]

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hi haravan,

A minor point, but I am assuming that you wish to minimize your app

to the TASKBAR, rather than the systray.

I suggest that you use the show window minimize constant when you

show your main window.

Private Const SW_SHOWMINIMIZED = 2

Otherwise, if you really meant the systray (all those icons) there is

other code to use. I suggest reading Steve McMahon's "Add your

app to the systray the easy way".


cheers, jw

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