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help with combobox

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i am trying to get it so that the entrys of the combo box ar readed trough a ini file, this is what i have:

write ini code:

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$map1 = IniRead("dr_cmaps","maps","map1","no map entry found")
$map1 = IniRead("dr_cmaps","maps","map1","no map entry found")
$map2 = IniRead("dr_cmaps","maps","map2","no map entry found")
$map3 = IniRead("dr_cmaps","maps","map3","no map entry found")
$map4 = IniRead("dr_cmaps","maps","map4","no map entry found")

ini file contents:


i keep getting the default error message (no map entry found).

what am i doing wrong?

allso if this works i need that the selected variabel to be used in a command line parrameter

do i just need to use this:

Run("mm.exe +map $map1")

or does it needs to be done in a different way?

thnx in advance

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$map1 = IniRead("dr_cmaps","maps","map1","no map entry found")

should probably be

$map1 = IniRead("dr_cmaps.ini","maps","map1","no map entry found")

The other problem:

$runcmd = "mm.exe +map " & $map1
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You kind of lost me on 1.

2. You just have to put spaces between the arguments otherwiseitwouldallbewrittentogether. I personally prefer

$runcmd = "mm.exe +map " & $par1 & " " & $par2 & " " & $parx
but I guess
$runcmd = "mm.exe +map $par1 $par2 $parx"
would work too...
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ok il try that :P

about the first thing:

when i select a map form the combo box i get the variable $map1

but i want to get so i get $mappar, wich is actualy +map $map1


$map1: the selected map

$mappar: the command line parrameter +map with the selected map behind it (so you get +map $map1)

get it? otherwise il try to explain it in a different way :nuke:

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