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Run command, Now you see it, now you don't

Guest sbducker

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Guest sbducker

extreme newbie here, sorry if this is a softball question. I had complied a script that launched an outside application.

I used the command Run("myfilename.exe","c:",@sw_maximize)

or something very similar.

It worked beutifully...for a few hours.

Then I started to get errors:

"Error: Unable to execute the external program."

"The system Cannot find the File specified"

I Checked, and it was still there. I used the sample run command (notepad.exe) from the read me, and it worked.

OK, follow closes here, I located the Notepad.exe @ C:. Still worked. I deleted that version of notepad, and renamed myfile.exe to notepad.exe.

When I ran the script it launched Notepad still! (not myfile) Strange?

I rebooted, and ran the script again, and still launched Notepad! Where is it coming from?

Has anyone seen anything similar?

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Guest sbducker

I also attempted to use the @comspec method and still no success. From the C-prompt I can run Myfile.exe by typing "myfile" so it is there and operational.

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You don't have to use @ComSpec to start .exe files

@ComSpec is the command.com or cmd.exe. Depends on the OS.

These are Interpreters to run batchfiles.


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