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Cached Web Page Browser

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This script is for browsing most of the cached web pages of major browsers like, IE, Mozilla firefox, Netscape and Opera. My pc got the latest of above browsers(IE7beta, MF1.5.0.4, NS8.1, OP9), it might works for earlier version as well.

To start, run it, pick the browser type, then use downward/upward arrows to choose file, Pgup/Pgdn for bigger jump, cursor stay around file box keep file highlighted as pages load, make a copy of specific file if you like, then you can check the Saved cache pages later.

Known issues, not bugs, are ...

1. some pages might take longer to load, it takes even longer for win 98 pc.

2. IE pages saved best viewed by IE not other browsers,

3. some pages might not be loaded due to the special nature of how they're cached,

4. images might be missing as content in cache folder is highly volatile,

5. if browser cache is cleared, nothing can be seen.

Please let me know if there is any bugs.


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