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Okies.... here is my first liltle scrap to contribute to the AutoIt community. So don't laugh! It's very basic!

App Launcher 0.5

Originally made for a fast and easy way to launch the portable applications on my flash drive, it is very simple at the moment but easy to use. It will let you add applications to a treeview and saves the data in an ini file. When you run it each time, it will load the list from the ini file.

Adding an Application:

Go into the "Config" menu and select "Add App." A FileOpenDialog will pop up. Just browse to any .exe then click "Open". You can go in an configure the filter for any kind of file in the source, but as it stands right now, I only have it looking for .exe files.

Removing an Application:

Select the application you wish to remove from the Tree View. Go into the "Config" menu and choose "Remove App." It will remove it from the list and ini file then refresh your list.

Launching an Application:

Select the application you wish to run from the Tree View. Click on the "Run Program" button to launch it.

Future Changes:

- Let the user create "Program Groups" in the list to organize applications under.

- Renaming the Treeview items' names (thanks to a great UDF I found here!).

- Adding the Application's Icon to the Treeview.

- Adding buttons for all operations instead of just the menu.

- Adding an option to "lock" your flash drive to prevent unauthorized access.

Remember, this is pretty basic. I made this because I really couldn't find any good, FREE launcher out there that I could use with my flash drive. I am sure they are out there though, but I was bored and wanted to make something with AutoIt.

Suggestions are ALWAYS welcome! Please post any bugs you find. I think it should be pretty much bug-free since it is soooo basic and lacks all the bells and whistles that most of you put in your scripts. Thanks!

*** Edit ***

Hi! I've added some updates...

Program Groups: Users can now create their own program groups to file applications under.

Of course I had to re-code alot of it to accommodate for the change. That was a chore but I figured it out. Sorry if the help file isn't updated yet, I'm tired and it's late, so I just disabled it. Not sure what else. Code is a bit sloppy, but I'll clean it up a bit more with my next update. I am so sure you all are just so eager to get this! LOL!


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