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Problem with GuiCreateEx

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Hello again...

Under certain circumstances 2 buttons of my gui are disabled. In this case the helpfile defined with

GuiCreateEx("notepad readme.txt", -1, icon.ico)

doesn't work anymore.

If I'm removing the lines



it works fine again...

By the way: Is it possible to open other formats with GuiCreateEx than just textfiles?

Regards,Peter Bonge

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Take a look at GuiConstants.au3

128 == $GUI_DISABLE which means that a control with that style will appear disabled/grayed-out.

GuiCreateEx should support at least TXT, EXE, HLP, CHM. If Adobe Acrobat Reader (or similar program) is installed, I imagine that PDF would work.

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I see you don't understand me:

I have no problems with disabling buttons. But when a button is disabled the helpfile (F1) defined with GuiCreateEx doesn't work anymore.

Button enabled -> F1 works

Button disabled -> F1 doesn't work

Regards,Peter Bonge

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