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Problems with AU3Info.exe

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I recently downloaded autoit v3.2.0.1 which seems to work fine. The only problem is that the new version of AU3Info.exe does not point to the correct pixels. The old window spy program worked brilliantly! Has anyone else experienced these problems with AU3Info.exe? It is really frustrating because I can not get the right locations to point my mouse to without several trial-and-error attempt.

Or, is there something I'm should check?

Thanks for any insights.


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It isn't a consistent offset, here are some examples:

Info original 270, 340

Actual location 200, 235

Difference 70 , 105

Info original 462, 338

Actual Location 257, 143

Difference 205, 95

-G :P

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Ah, stupido. The ol' user operator error.

The previous version of window spy program I was using had two dynamic fields:

1) One for the pixel locations in the local window

2) One for the pixel locations in the window

I've finally figured out this new version only has one dynamic pixel pointer with window offset relative to the screen listed. Thus, if I subtract the window offset from the dynamic pixel location, the values are spot on.

I always have my setting relative to the window:

Opt(MouseCoordMode", 0)

Sorry, for spreading ignorance. That will teach me to upgrade.

-G :">

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