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Close GUI Window after selection

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I have this GUI Window that asks user to check a radio button and click Continue to run the rest of the script based on the selection, but how do I make it so that the GUI windows closes as soon as the user hit continue? right now it stays open through the entire script...

$program = ""
While 1
   $msg = GUIGetMsg()
        Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE or $msg = $b2
        Case $msg = $b1
                Case GUICtrlRead($r1) = $GUI_CHECKED
                    $program = "all"
                Case GUICtrlRead($r2) = $GUI_CHECKED
                    $program = "qedit"
                Case GUICtrlRead($r3) = $GUI_CHECKED
                    $program = "btcall"
                Case GUICtrlRead($r4) = $GUI_CHECKED
                    $program = "atomic"
                Case GUICtrlRead($r5) = $GUI_CHECKED
                    $program = "vnc"
                Case GUICtrlRead($r6) = $GUI_CHECKED
                    $program = "dates"
                Case GUICtrlRead($r7) = $GUI_CHECKED
                    $program = "perl"
                Case GUICtrlRead($r8) = $GUI_CHECKED
                    $program = "acrobat"
                Case GUICtrlRead($r9) = $GUI_CHECKED
                    $program = "wordv"
                Case GUICtrlRead($r10) = $GUI_CHECKED
                    $program = "excelv"
                Case GUICtrlRead($r11) = $GUI_CHECKED
                    $program = "winzip"

r1 to r11 are radios and b1 is continue and b2 is exit


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