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RunAsSet problem in delphi

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i've just started using AutoItX in delphi.I'm not very knowledgeable in either language

so please tell me if doing something wrong here.I imported AutoItX as a type library

and it shows up as a activex component.I messed around a bit and tried a few simple things

with it which seemed to work fine.However when trying to use RunAsSet, when you reset the

user permissions at the end with just RunAsSet() it wont compile because of not enough parameters.

It always seems to expect the username,domain,password parameters to be filled in. Is there a way

around this or is it just delphi being picky?

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i done what you said and it compiles ok

but it seems for the run command it needs

you to specify a directory.Otherwise i get access violations.

if i specify a directory i dont get any access

violations but nothing happens.

I seen a delphi wrapper around here somewhere ill try that

and see if its any better.

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