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Evaluating a variable

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How do you evaluate a variable to run in a script? For instance, I am trying to run Intenet Explorer with ip addresses from another file. But it translates the variable literally instead of the value of the variable. The script is:

While 1

$ps_control_rec = FileReadLine( $ps_control_file )

If @error = -1 Then



$ps_control_rec_day = StringMid($ps_control_rec,1,3)

$ps_control_rec_ip = StringMid($ps_control_rec,5,15)

$ps_control_rec_period = StringMid($ps_control_rec,21,1)

$ps_control_rec_delay = StringMid($ps_control_rec,23,5)

Run("C:\\Program Files\Internet Explorer\\Iexplore.exe $ps_control_rec_ip")

Internet Explorer tries to open the address:


Any suggestions?

Thanks alot!


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