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RUN and the possibility of existing equal windows

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Let me begin by applauding the developer(s) of AutoIt: *clap clap*. I just started using it yesterday and am already a big fan!


A while ago I wrote a vbscript that - among other things - opens an application I work with (let's call it EXAMPLE.EXE). I'm rewriting it in AutoIt and trying to making sure I'm activating the right window, not the ones that possibly already exist. However, all instances share the same windowtitle and classname.


Is the code below a good (failsafe) way to go or is it overdoing it?

$pid = Run("\\server\EXAMPLE.EXE")
For $try = 1 To 20                        ; give the window some time to appear
    $arr = WinList(WinGetTitle("EXAMPLE"))
    $num = $arr[0][0]
    For $win = 1 To $num
        $ttl = $arr[$win][0]
        If WinGetProcess($ttl) == $pid Then ; If this equals our run process id
            $hnd = $arr[$win][1]            ; then we get our unique window handle
            $try = 20                   ; and we're done with trying
            ExitLoop                        ; so we don't have to check the other windows
If WinActivate($hnd) Then

There must be a thread around here somewhere that discusses this, but I couldn't find it between all the help im noob!!1 topics. Anyway, you're help is appreciated.

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Maybe http://www.autoitscript.com/fileman/users/Helge/udfs/_ProcessGetHWnd.au3 could help you ?

Edit : link-error

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