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Beta Version and form designer

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Hello all.

I'm very interested in some of the features in the new beta version. However, while I dig through it all and come up to speed, I would like to keep my existing full version so I can continue to use it.

Does the beta install replace my full version install or does it exist in parallel???

Also, what is currently the best tool for form generation???? Is there a consensus on this?? Or is there a beta out there for this as well? The koda form designer on the current version isn't doing much for me.



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If you look on the download page, then you will see links for AutoIt v3.2.0.1, AutoIt Beta and Scite4AutoIt3. Install those 3 in succession and you should have a setup that can easily toggle between either AutoIt version installed using Scite4AutoIt3 as is already preconfigured to do this. The AutoIt Beta installs in a separate folder inside the main AutoIt folder.

C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Beta

Koda Form Designer is one of the many tools included with Sciyr4AutoIt3. You can get the latest Koda beta posted in the Gui Forum.


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