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Dirk Diggler

Read File From UNC folder

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This is a script.

MsgBox(0,'',$cmdline[1] &  @error )
$error = 0
while $error <> -1
    $line = FileReadLine($in)
    $error = @error
    MsgBox(0,'',$line &  $error )

It reads some file line by line. Whe I start it from local drive, it works perfectly. But when file is on share, and i start script from File Manager like Total Commander or FAR Manager:

\\SERVER\Distr\START>1.au3 logon.log

its behaviour very strange: it opens file(first message box show "filename.ext0"), but reading is impossible($error in cycle always is 1).

I know that when cmd starts on share, it changes dir to %SYSTEM%, but in this case file shouldn't be open for reading....

so, is it normal, and how should i read file from shared folder?

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