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AutoIt Installer issue

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How can I NOT install Scite4AutoIt3 along with v3.2.0.1. The installer now seems to force installation of the editor, without giving the user any choice in the matter. If it is simply not possible to not install it, how do I stop it from hijacking the .au3 association away from my preferred/default editor?

Also, can anyone explain why the decision was made to force this upon the user? I think it's a good idea to include an editor in the installation package (anything is an improvement over Notepad :P), but the user should be given the option of whether or not to install it. Given that AutoIt has historically been distributed without an installer, I'm sure a great many users out there have discovered and settled on an editor that meets their personal preferences. Forcing installation of a new editor with the 3.2 upgrade and hijacking their associations without giving them any choice about it is just not a pleasant experience.

And I don't mean to be negative or inflammatory in my tone, so please forgive me if this post comes across that way. I was just unpleasantly surprised after opening an .au3 file in an application that I've never seen before and had no idea was installed on my computer this morning. Like I said above, I'm just curious how I can prevent this in the future, and why this decision was made.


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