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Permanently add to the Path Variable?

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Just use this UDF I use for making a permanent change to the systems path.

; 1st parameter = "User" or "System"
; 2nd parameter = Path to add

; example
_Path('System', '%SystemRoot%\SystemFiles')

Func _Path($type, $value)
    ; adds a folder to permanently become part of the systems path.
    Local $environment, $old, $new, $semicolon
    Switch $type
        Case 'System'
            $environment = 'HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment'
        Case 'User'
            $environment = 'HKCU\Environment'
        Case Else
    $old = RegRead($environment, 'Path')
    If $old <> '' Then $semicolon = ';'
    If Not StringInStr($old, $value) Then
        $new = $old & $semicolon & $value
        If RegWrite($environment, 'Path', 'Reg_Expand_sz', $new) Then EnvUpdate()


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