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Confirm dialogs?

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Hi, I have a window that I want to do the following sequence:

MouseClick("left", $X, $Y)
    $ctrlText = ControlGetText('Do you want to do this?','', 65535)
    MsgBox (0, "Ctrl text", $ctrlText)

However, it's not getting the appropiate text of the control. It's a simple confirm dialog (i.e. OK/Cancel buttons) that the parent window spawns when I click ($x,$y), and I tried using WinExists but that doesn't find it either.

How can I get my script to press the OK/Cancel buttons, and find the text that was in the window?

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if i recall...




should close it... but not "read" the text


Well it's not always going to pop up like that though, and there is another dialog of the same name that occassionally follows. So the situation is like this:

1. You click (x,y).

2. 50% of the time, a dialog with title "Dialog" pops up.

3. You click OK.

4. Regardless of if 2 occurred or not, another diaglog pops up--also with title "Dialog", but different with text

5. You click OK.

6. Done.

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