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Going to ask first if this can be done

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I don't want to mess with it if it can't be done All show the code and tell me if it can or can't be done .

What I want to have where you can put a word check the radio box and use that search engine .

So I could have a small bar to use for search .

;Generated with AutoBuilder 0.3

Opt("GUICoordMode", 1)
Opt("GUINotifyMode", 1)

GuiCreate("MyGUI", 392,266,10,10,0x04CF0000)
$input_1 = GUISetControl("input", "Word to Search", 150,20, 170,20)
$radio_1 = GUISetControl("radio", "Yahoo", 150,50, 70,20)
$radio_2 = GUISetControl("radio", "Google", 150,80, 60,20)
$radio_3 = GUISetControl("radio", "Altavista", 150,110, 70,20)
$radio_4 = GUISetControl("radio", "Search.com", 150,140, 80,20)
$radio_5 = GUISetControl("radio", "Ask Jeeves", 150,170, 80,20)
$button_1 = GUISetControl("button", "Go", 150,200, 30,30)


While 1
    $msg = GuiMsg(0)
    Case $msg = -3
    Case $msg = $input_1
    Case $msg = $radio_1
    Case $msg = $radio_2
    Case $msg = $radio_3
    Case $msg = $radio_4
    Case $msg = $radio_5
    Case $msg = $button_1

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I've created an example that works for one search engine. You will need to make a couple modifications to make it do what you want:

  • Change the hardcoded path to point to your browser for the Run command.
  • Add in the URL's to the other engines. I had the google one handy since it's part of my proxy configuration. Just use the source for the web pages to figure out what you need to put.
Here's the code:

#include <GuiConstants.au3>
Opt("GuiNotifyMode", 1)

GuiCreate("Internet Search", 200, 90)
  GuiSetControl("label", "Search term:", 0, 0, 50, 40)
  $input = GuiSetControl("input", "", 50, 5, 150, 20)
    GuiSetControlEx(-1, $GUI_FOCUS);set focus to the input prompt
  $engine1 = GuiSetControl("radio", "Google", 0, 30, 60, 20)
    GuiSetControlEx(-1, $GUI_CHECKED);check google by default
  $engine2 = GuiSetControl("radio", "Yahoo", 60, 30, 60, 20)
  $engine3 = GuiSetControl("radio", "AltaVista", 120, 30, 60, 20)
  $engine4 = GuiSetControl("radio", "Search.com", 20, 50, 80, 20)
  $engine5 = GuiSetControl("radio", "Ask Jeeves", 100, 50, 80, 20)
  $go = GuiSetControl("button", "Go", 160, 70, 40, 20)
    GuiSetControlEx(-1, $GUI_DEFBUTTON);if you press enter in the search box,
                                       ;this will press "go" for you

While 1
  $msg = GuiMsg()
  If $msg = -3 Then Exit
  If $msg = $go Then
   ;First, we need to figure out which engine was requested and create the URL.
   ;Because i only know the one for google, you'll have to find the rest out
     ;for yourself (just look at the HTML source for each of your engines.)
   ;Just un-comment my lines to add in support for the other engines.
    $term = GuiRead($input);get the text the user entered
    If BitAnd(GuiRead($engine1), $GUI_CHECKED) Then _
      $url = "http://www.google.com/search?q=" & $term
   ;If BitAnd(GuiRead($engine2), $GUI_CHECKED) Then _
   ;  $url =
   ;If BitAnd(GuiRead($engine3), $GUI_CHECKED) Then _
   ;  $url =
   ;If BitAnd(GuiRead($engine4), $GUI_CHECKED) Then _
   ;  $url =
   ;If BitAnd(GuiRead($engine5), $GUI_CHECKED) Then _
   ;  $url =

    Run('"c:\program files\firefox\firefox.exe" ' & $url)

Please note: this will crash if you use a browser other than google without adding in support for it.

[font="Optima"]"Standing in the rain, twisted and insane, we are holding onto nothing.Feeling every breath, holding no regrets, we're still looking out for something."[/font]Note: my projects are off-line until I can spend more time to make them compatable with syntax changes.

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