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Create an ENCRYPT func in PHP equivalent to _StringEncrypt() in AutoIt


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Hi everyone!

Does anyone have created a PHP encryption script as equivalency of the of the AutoIT _StringEncrypt function? Even if I have seen the code for the _StringEncrypt I don't really know, how to start. I would like to be able to make a robot, that creates a customer a CODE that he needs to continue in the AutoIt written program. Can anyone help me with this function in PHP? Function is all I need, but if you create the form also, I am not against it :P.

These are the 3 variables for the function:

PHP page that looks like:


TEXT TO ENCRYPT: textfield

KEY : textfield

LEVEL : textfield or dropdown menu



Unfortunatelly I cannot create my own Encrypt function in AutoIt, cause the product has been released and shipped. I would appreciate any help and try.

Best Regards,


PS: I couldn't find a topic on this in previous topics even when I made several searches.

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