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Guest Quic&Painles

Ping -a

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Guest Quic&Painles

I am trying to put together a simple script that pings a machine and tells you if the machine is up or down, it also gives you the IP of the machine if you use the machines name the part I am having problems with is if you use the machines IP I want it to tell you the machines name (just like Ping -a would).

Im sure it is something I am just over looking but i have had no luck. Ive tried

$objnet = ObjCreate("WScript.Network","IP here")



#include <Constants.au3>

Dim $log, $output

$log=Run ( @ComSpec & ' /c ping -a IP here, '', @SW_HIDE, $STDOUT_CHILD )

$line = StdoutRead($log,25)

$output = $output & @CR & $line

MsgBox (0, 'Ping', $output)

Among other things and can not seem to get anywhere, I have also attached what I have pieced together so far.


Thanks for any help.

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