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Auto BG Bot (BETA/Open Code)

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Thats all i have so far i am stuck at rejoining the bg. Give it a try the Readme is really really important so READ IT!!!! This is an open code project so tweak it up and post youre updates i am working on it as well. I do not have Darnassus Npc's if you want those then request them.

How to Start

1)Put youre wow to 1152, 864 Windowed Mode

2)Go to the Npc of youre choice

3)Zoom in all the way and stand in front of the npc

4)Start the bot and enjoy.

;|                     Sin's Auto BG Bot                        |
;                          | Version .01 BETA |
;   +----------------------+-------------+----------------------+
; +--+By using this in conjunction with World of Warcraft you are+--+
; |violating your EULA and TOS.  Using this bot can result in a temp|
; |or even a permanent ban (Even though it will never happen).    |
; +-----+Open Source Meaning Tweak it up however you want because i am stuck.+----+
;    +-+------------------------------------------------------+--+
;    | Written for my friends at http://rpg-exploiters.shoq.net/ |
;    +-----------------------------------------------------------+
; ******************* Bot Start
; ***** Start_BG Func
; ***** Activates WoW and asks to start
   Func Start_BG()
      If Not WinExists("World of Warcraft") Then
         MsgBox(0, Random(0, 100), "WoW must be opened.")
      WinActivate("World of Warcraft")
      WinSetOnTop("World of Warcraft", "", 0)
; ***** Que Start
; ***** Start Auto Que For SW AB
 Func Bg_Que()
    $coord = PixelSearch( 0, 0, 1152, 864, 0x180204, 2 )
If @error Then
    MsgBox(16, "Error", "First color not found.")
    MouseMove($coord[0], $coord[1])
Sleep(2000); 2sec delay
Sleep(Random(60000, 24000))
; ***** Anti-AFK Function
Func Anti_AFK()
   While 1


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I put some thought into this same type of script. The first thing I tried was to see if when I left the bg that I was still in the exact same position in front of the battlemaster, I wasn't. That kind of blows the whole idea.

I only tried it once mind you.

Beyond that you would ideally like to not sit at the spawn point idling. Much more likely to be reported. Instead I thought of the old mod, autotravel, that was broken by requiring a key event to actually move. If you could resurrect that mod and use Autoit to perform the key presses you could have your character move to some other position in the battleground and, in my case, just hide.

A possible way to beat the first problem of entering the bg may be to use a macro to /target the battlemaster, that works, then pixel search for the green ring at the base of the targeted NPC, turning the character if needed. Then you could just click higher up on the same x-axis and aquire the entrance dialog.

It would also be useful to watch for incomming whispers and issue some ambiguos reply. Maybe even do a /logout if you receive more than 4-5 whispers.

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... for my anti-idle, which I run in my startup so I never idle out, uses the "INSERT" key. This doesn't affect any part of my gameplay and counts as a key event.

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Nvm, quick fix set the second click Y axis to 540 instead of 550 and full scale ui too works fine sorry for the trouble

One last thing shadowsin is there anyway to contact you i got the script to join me up but i have to manually position myself infront of the person when i come out of a BG sometimes i may be facing a different way, if anyone else has help on this would be much appreciated

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Nice script but sometimes when im finish BG i dont stand in the same place when i run bot. At the end of bg it should move u to start position.

GW anyway.

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couldn't you just set npc's to have names show and do a pixelsearch to click on their name?

i know pixelsearch uses alot of resources, but searching a smaller area than the entire screen speeds it up

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