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Windowed Simple Mouse Clicks

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okay im sure this is on here somewhere but i can only spend so many hours browsing ...

I'm looking to run a looped script of simple mouse click and a few keystrokes for an online game. expected.. but what im interested in is having the script run soley in the games window. so ican continue to use my computer and just ahve the game minimized running the scipt.

right now im using Windows Macro Schedular and it well takes over my computer :P

i was made aware of this ability a few years back for a game called Diablo 2 im sure many are fimimlar with pindlebot and what not. but u were able to start macro then minimize diablo 2 and it would do its magic finding or what ever. as i said above im not looking to do anyhting nearly as complex just a mousemoves and clicks and keystrokes... key is the ability to run in windowed..

if anyone knows like a link to examples and and explanation or can help viz em-ail posts or msn.. i'd be much appriciated my e-mail is crisco_kid_2022@hotmail.com as appears in info..

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