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comspec weird result

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Hi im having a problem where im trying to run an uninstall program using @COMSPEC and rundll32. My script runs this command then i want to wait for a window of the uninstall program called "Welcome". The problem is that when i run the command and then WinWait("Welcome") is used, the uninstall program doesnt seem to run and the debug status says that it is waiting at WinWait("Welcome").

If i remove the WinWait("Welcome") then the uninstall program will run until it gets to the "Welcome" window (where it waits for user interaction) but thats the problem, if i include the WinWait the uninstall program doesnt even seem to run correctly. I figured its some technical thing with the COMSPEC macro, anyway here is my source code could anyone help:

AutoItSetOption("TrayIconDebug", 1)

AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)

Run(@COMSPEC & " /c RunDll32 C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\INSTAL~1\engine\6\INTEL3~1\ctor.dll,LaunchSetup ""C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{95E35475-E696-4D0D-96DB-7A7156F2AC85}\setup.exe"" ")


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What happens with the WinWait command in there ?

Could it be that the "Welcome" screen already exists but is still hidden ?

You could check by looping till the windows is shown:

While Not BitAnd(WinGetState("Welcome", ""), 2)

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