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File name parse functions ?


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Please excuse my stupidity, but I am very new round here ...

I have searched the help file & forums and can not find functions to parse a file name, extracting volume/directory/name/extension.

Surely these exist? I am happy to code them if not, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel & they seem so basic that they surely must exist.

Sorry to trouble you with clueless newbie stuff ...

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Btw, is there a web site which lists such additional scripts & functions?

You can sometimes find project webpages, and some projects on sourceforge are designed in AutoIt. However, for a general location to look for odds and ends written in AutoIt, these forums are probably your best bet. Plus the forums here have a large userbase full of people willing to help you analyze, and overcome potential problems you encounter.

You might also be interested in looking at the Library Function Reference section in the helpfile if you haven't already. This section is a list of files and functions that you can include to expand the functionality of AutoIt. Each UDF has been written and submitted by a user, and included to make life that much eaisier for the rest of us.

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