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Programatically create network connections

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Hi guys.

Is there anyone aware of a method to programatically create a network connection (and edit it if it already exists) instead of launching the net connections window?

I'm using Run(@SystemDir & "\control.exe netconnections") to launch the network connections and I'm having trouble automating the SysListView321 control where the connections are listed.

I'm almost certain there must be a more efficient way than sending commands to controls for something like this, and ?d really, but really appreciate it someone could throw me a lifeboat on this subject.

Thanks in advance


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to create a tcp connection:



Create a socket connected to an existing server.

TCPConnect ( IPAddr, port )

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Quite aware of that, but I'm actually trying to create a new connection, specifying which modem (dial up and/or wireless) to use depending on the profile of each user in a user list.

wireless networks still require to create the connection and to make life easier for non techs, i've to provide a shortcut to their desktops.

The editing is actually coz users mess around and I've to find a way to correct misconfigured modems.

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