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i confused on how to do this i need it to compair the modified date on all of these then

run a program is there a way to do this?

$Server1 = GetFileTime("S:\\AdminShare\\foxprow\\fmmc.cdx")
$Server2 = GetFileTime("S:\\AdminShare\\foxprow\\fmmctran.cdx")
$Server3 = GetFileTime("S:\\AdminShare\\foxprow\\hcb.cdx")
$Server4 = GetFileTime("S:\\AdminShare\\foxprow\\hcbtran.cdx")
$Server5 = GetFileTime("S:\\AdminShare\\foxprow\\fmmc.dbf")
$Server6 = GetFileTime("S:\\AdminShare\\foxprow\\fmmcshar.dbf")
$Server7 = GetFileTime("S:\\AdminShare\\foxprow\\fmctran.dbf")
$Server8 = GetFileTime("S:\\AdminShare\\foxprow\\hcb.dbf")
$Server9 = GetFileTime("S:\\AdminShare\\foxprow\\hcbshare.dbf")
$Server10 = GetFileTime("S:\\AdminShare\\foxprow\\hcbtran.dbf")
$PC1 = GetFileTime(C:\\FOXPROW\\Newfmmc\\fmmc.cdx)
$PC2 = GetFileTime(C:\\FOXPROW\\Newfmmc\\fmmctran.cdx)
$PC3 = GetFileTime(C:\\FOXPROW\\Newfmmc\\hcb.cdx)
$PC4 = GetFileTime(C:\\FOXPROW\\Newfmmc\\hcbtran.cdx)
$PC5 = GetFileTime(C:\\FOXPROW\\Newfmmc\\fmmc.dbf)
$PC6 = GetFileTime(C:\\FOXPROW\\Newfmmc\\fmmcshar.dbf)
$PC7 = GetFileTime(C:\\FOXPROW\\Newfmmc\\fmctran.dbf)
$PC8 = GetFileTime(C:\\FOXPROW\\Newfmmc\\hcb.dbf)
$PC9 = GetFileTime(C:\\FOXPROW\\Newfmmc\\hcbshare.dbf)
$PC10 = GetFileTime(C:\\FOXPROW\\Newfmmc\\hcbtran.cbf)
If $PC1 = $Server1 then
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ill try that but i still need to compair them all then run something

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untested ... just to give you an idea:

$rc = FileCompareDate("S:\AdminShare\foxprow\fmmc.cdx"," C:\FOXPROW\Newfmmc\fmmc.cdx" )
   Case $rc = 0
      msgbox(0,"demo","File dates differ")
   Case $rc = 1
      msgbox(0,"demo","File dates are equal")
   Case $rc = -1
      msgbox(0,"demo","File1 not found")
   Case $rc = -2
      msgbox(0,"demo","File2 not found")
   Case Else

Func FileCompareDate($file1,$file2)
   if @error = 1 then  Return(-1)
   if @error = 1 then  Return(-2)
   $date1 = $f1[0] & $f1[1] & $f1[2] & $f1[3] & $f1[4] & $f1[5]
   $date2 = $f2[0] & $f2[1] & $f2[2] & $f2[3] & $f2[4] & $f2[5]
   if $date1 = $date2 Then

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ty yah a lot that works :D

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