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Window expect functionality


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Hi there,

I'm a newb when it comes to using AutoIt, but you know, this is a really great tool to create quick running progs. Thanks to the developers of this tool. You guys rock!

Quick question, but I was wondering...is there is any sort of functionality that allows for waiting for a string of text coming from a window before resuming a script? I ask this because in an app that I'm trying to make, I'm trying to create an autologin program and execute some shell commands. I want to basically be able to have the program throw a new window (in PuTTY) to SSH to a box, when it prompts for username, the username is entered automatically. Then, when the response comes back, if it asks for password, the password is entered automatically. Here's the code:

WinWaitActive("PuTTY Configuration")
ControlSend("PuTTY Configuration", "", "Edit1", $strServer)
ControlClick("PuTTY Configuration", "", "&Open")

ControlSend($strServer & " - PuTTY", "", "", $strUsername & "^M")
ControlSend($strServer & " - PuTTY", "", "", $strPassword & "^M")

As it stands right now, I'm coding this app and just putting Sleep(1000) or something like that to time a response and wait for it to come back. If there is something that could just expect a response rather than setting an exact amount of time to wait before going further, that would be cool. What do you think?


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Not sure if you can get a hook to the putty terminal window but if you can then you should take a look at ConsoleRead and associated functions in the help file.

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I don't think Putty uses a real console window, so i don't think STD functions would apply. But you could use PLink, the command line version of Putty. That'd probably work fairly well.

Hmm...I'll take a look into this and let you know what I find. Thanks for the replies!

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