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How to "zoom" in SciTe?

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum for my question: :P

Through coincidence (i mistyped on my keyboard) i pressed within SciTe the ctrl-key together with some other key - and suddenly my SciTE "zoomed out" and i saw much more lines than before but smaller.

I couldn't find out what i pressed in the SciTe-Help, but i think this feature is very usefull for me.

Knows somebody what i have to press to "zoom" in and out within SciTe?


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:P Thanks a lot!

no problmz

EDIT: sure this is the right forum its called "SUPPORT"

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Look in the Scite Docs for knowing what you pressed and more hints to using other accellerator keys to speed up use.

Magnify text size. Ctrl+Keypad+

Reduce text size. Ctrl+Keypad-

Restore text size to normal. Ctrl+Keypad/

Cycle through recent files. Ctrl+Tab

Indent block. Tab

Dedent block. Shift+Tab

Delete to start of word. Ctrl+BackSpace

Delete to end of word. Ctrl+Delete

Delete to start of line. Ctrl+Shift+BackSpace

Delete to end of line. Ctrl+Shift+Delete

Go to start of document. Ctrl+Home

Extend selection to start of document. Ctrl+Shift+Home

Go to start of display line. Alt+Home

Extend selection to start of display line. Alt+Shift+Home

Go to end of document. Ctrl+End

Extend selection to end of document. Ctrl+Shift+End

Go to end of display line. Alt+End

Extend selection to end of display line. Alt+Shift+End

Expand or contract a fold point. Ctrl+Keypad*

Create or delete a bookmark. Ctrl+F2

Go to next bookmark. F2

Select to next bookmark. Alt+F2

Find selection. Ctrl+F3

Find selection backwards. Ctrl+Shift+F3

Scroll up. Ctrl+Up

Scroll down. Ctrl+Down

Line cut. Ctrl+L

Line copy. Ctrl+Shift+T

Line delete. Ctrl+Shift+L

Line transpose with previous. Ctrl+T

Selection duplicate. Ctrl+D

Find matching preprocessor conditional, skipping nested ones. Ctrl+K

Select to matching preprocessor conditional. Ctrl+Shift+K

Find matching preprocessor conditional backwards, skipping nested ones. Ctrl+J

Select to matching preprocessor conditional backwards. Ctrl+Shift+J

Previous paragraph. Shift extends selection. Ctrl+[

Next paragraph. Shift extends selection. Ctrl+]

Previous word. Shift extends selection. Ctrl+Left

Next word. Shift extends selection. Ctrl+Right

Previous word part. Shift extends selection Ctrl+/

Next word part. Shift extends selection. Ctrl+\

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