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winsetontop and min

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I accidentally did this

I tried to minimize my hta window I ordered set on top and the compiled script stalled. However if I rename the window I can minimize it.

Discovered by accident


Here it is using autoitx

oldtitle = oAutoIt.WinGetActiveTitle()

var=oAutoIt.WinSetTitle(oldtitle, "", "Get Path by Kirkham")

oldtitle = oAutoIt.WinGetActiveTitle()

oAutoIt.WinMinimize oldtitle, ""

oAutoit3.runwait localpath&"\modules\MakeDir.exe",""

oAutoIt.WinRestore oldtitle, ""

var=oAutoIt.WinSetTitle(oldtitle, "","Save WebEmail Menu by Kirkham Ver 3")

'winwait("Save WebEmail Menu by Kirkham Ver 3","")

'winactivate("Save WebEmail Menu by Kirkham Ver 3","")


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